Groundwater Flow Modelling for the TVO-92 Safety Analysis of Spent Fuel Disposal

by Lasse Koskinen, Technical Research Cent of Finland, (VTT), Espoo, Finland,
Aimo Hautoj?rvi, Technical Research Cent of Finland, (VTT), Espoo, Finland,
Timo Vieno, Technical Research Cent of Finland, (VTT), Espoo, Finland,

Document Type: Proceeding Paper

Part of: High Level Radioactive Waste Management 1993


The TVO-92 safety analysis of spent fuel disposal is based on preliminary site investigations carried out at five sites in Finland between 1987 and 1992. Groundwater flow analyses have been performed for all sites as a part of the site characterization studies. In the safety analysis, the effects of the repository on the groundwater flow and the possibility of a short and fast pathline from the repository into the biosphere have been studied in more detail. The Veitsivaara site in Hyrynsalmi has been used as a reference site in these studies. The analysis show that properly sealed repository has only a minor influence on the groundwater flow even if the repository is assumed to be intersected by two fracture zones in different hydraulic potentials. If, however, the transmissivity of the repository or the disturbed rock zone around it is high, a 'U-tube' flow pattern may be generated. In the latter case, the flow rate of groundwater through the repository is increased significantly, and short and fast pathlines from the repository into the biosphere may be formed. These worst case conditions have been taken into the consideration in selecting data for the release and transport analyses of radionuclides in the safety analysis. The data has been selected in such a way that it covers potentially unfavorable groundwater flow conditions at all the five investigations sites

Subject Headings: Groundwater flow | Site investigation | Fuels | Safety | Data analysis | Nuclear power | Waste storage | Finland | Europe

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