Adventures in Managing Water
Real-World Engineering Experiences
Sponsored by the River Basin Planning, Policy, and Operations Technical Committee of the Planning and Management Council of the Environmental and Water Resources Institute of ASCEAdventures in Managing...

Tulip-Shaped Tower Proposed for London

The Oxford Handbook of Megaproject Management, edited by Bent Flyvbjerg. Oxford, England, United Kingdom: Oxford University Press, 2017

Engineering the Eternal City: Infrastructure, Topography, and the Culture of Knowledge in Late Sixteenth Century Rome, by Pamela O. Long. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2018

Avoid Negativity Bias
You are, or imagine you are, retired and reflecting. You recall unfulfilled personal and professional dreams, some held for decades. You might have wanted to walk the Appalachian Trail. Perhaps you longed...

3.5 Square Meters, Constructive Response to Natural Disasters, Edited By Maya Vinitsky, München, Germany: Hirmer Publishers, 2018

Serpentine Pavilions Open in London and Beijing

Designing for Cycle Traffic: International Principles and Practice, By John Parkin. Westminster, London: ICE Publishing, 2018

Sports Complex in Luxembourg Blends with Natural Surroundings

Shaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution, By Klaus Schwab with Nicholas Davis. Geneva: World Economic Forum, 2018

Global Undergrounds: Exploring Cities Within, Edited by Paul Dobraszczyk, Carols López Galviz, and Bradley L. Garrett. London: Reaktion Books Ltd., 2016

The History of the London Water Industry 1580–1820, By Leslie Tomory. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2017

"The Geography of Genius: A Search for the World's Most Creative Places, from Ancient Athens to Silicon Valley", By Eric Weiner. New York City: Simon and Schuster, 2016

"Reading Structures: 39 Projects and Built Works 1983-2011", By Guy Nordenson. Zürich, Switzerland: Lars Müller Publishers, 2016

Extensive Slide Added to London Sculpture

London: Water and the Making of the Modern City By John Broich. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh Press, 2013

Dice World: Science and Life in a Random UniverseBy Brian Clegg. London: Icon Books, 2013

NewsBriefs: Denmark Reaches Solar Goal Eight Years Early (

Common Connections: Lessons Learned on Italy's High Speed Rail Networks

New Addition Planned To the London Skyline





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