Rocky Mountain Project Power Tunnel Filling Test

by D. A. Frey, Harza Engineering Co, Chicago, United States,
D. E. Kleiner, Harza Engineering Co, Chicago, United States,
B. C. Trammell, Jr., Harza Engineering Co, Chicago, United States,

Document Type: Proceeding Paper

Part of: Waterpower '91: A New View of Hydro Resources


The Rocky Mountain Project, a pumped storage development located in NW Georgia, is owned jointly by Oglethorpe Power Corporation and Georgia Power Company. Initial construction included partial excavation for the power-house and drainage adit, and full construction of the power shaft, power tunnel, and penstocks. A unique, full-scale filling test of the tunnel system has recently been completed. The filling test was conducted to determine the water-tightness of the lining and grouted rock, to monitor pressure response, and to observe the performance of the lining and drainage systems. Pressure was applied and released in stages with a maximum applied head of 700 ft. Tunnel system performance was excellent. Pressure migration did not occur. Piezometers responded immediately and stabilized rapidly during the hold periods. Maximum tunnel system leakage was 300 gpm; two thirds was accounted for at monitored locations. Shaft and tunnel inspections following testing revealed no distress.

Subject Headings: Mountains | Tunnels | Developing countries | Shafts | Linings | Drainage systems | Hydro power | Field tests | Rocky Mountains | Georgia | United States

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