People: Roth, Clough Review $3.2-Billion Water Program in Atlanta

Tunneling into the Future
The Chattahoochee Tunnel will increase the wastewater transport capacity of a suburban Atlanta county while greatly reducing the possibility of sanitary sewer overflows into the Chattahoochee...

Evaluating Axial Drilled Shaft Response by Seismic Cone

Stability of the Confederate Memorial Carving: Stone Mountain Georgia

Double Domed (Available in Structural Engineering Special Issue only)
A 45,000-seat soccer stadium under construction in La Plata, Argentina, takes domed roof design to the next level. A Tenstar dome, first used in the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, consists of...

Case Closed
In June 1993, a massive sinkhole developed in a surface parking lot of a hotel facility in Georgia. The hole was a result of the soil erosion associated with a failed, 4-meter diameter...

A Large Scale Gridded Application of the CALINE4 Dispersion Model

U.S. DOT Approves Plan for Atlanta

Smart Growth Development as TCM: The Atlantic Steel Case

Resolving the Water Wars: The Compacts Between Alabama, Florida, and Georgia
(No paper) Several water supply proposals on behalf of Georgia have caused a water rights ?war? which pits Alabama and Florida against Georgia in the Apalachicola, Chattahoochee, and Flint...

Back from the Brink
The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, the tallest brick lighthouse in the United States, has been moved to prevent it from toppling into the sea as a result of coastal erosion. Engineers from...

Restoring Urban Streams in Atlanta: Metro Atlanta Urban Watersheds Initiative

Pounding the Pavement
As state transportation departments continuously maintain and repair worn roadway surfaces, research engineers in nearly every state are racing to find ways to increase pavement life....

Numerical Simulation of Tidal Currents with TELEMAC for Olympic Games ATLANTA '96

Circulation Modeling and Forecasts for the Danish Sailors During the 1996 Olympic Yachting Events

Surface Currents in a 3-D Model of Wassaw Sound

The Urban Drainage Systems-An Under Utilized Resource

The Flint River Project - A Curious Anomaly

Total System Automation in North Georgia

Monitoring the Effects of Reservoir Creation on Federally Listed Fish Species in Northwest Georgia





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