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White House Promotes Water Innovation Strategy to Conserve, Augment Water Resources

Seven Questions: Wisdom and Guidance for Successful Career Building: An interview with Leonard Joseph, P.E., S.E., on writing skills for engineers

Amsterdam Hotel Seeks To Be One of Europe’s Most Sustainable

Survey Shows World Is Depending on Engineers To Solve Key Problems

In centuries past, when winters in London were colder, sections of the river Thames would sometimes freeze so solidly that “frost fairs,” events featuring ice-skating and open-air markets, could be held on the surface…

Earthquake-Resistant Bricks Could Improve Structural Performance

Tennessee Engineers Perform Fast Fix on Failing Bridges

Better Guidelines Needed To Promote Use Of Stormwater and Gray Water, Report Says

The Paris architecture firm Vincent Callebaut Architectures S.A.R.L. has released a conceptual design of what it calls Aequorea, an ocean habitat unit that could accommodate up to 20,000 residents and researchers and be moved via ship or submarine using alga-based fuels...

Study Examines Capability of Small Ponds to Reduce Runoff In Arkansas Watershed

Book Review: How the Internet Became Commercial: Innovation, Privatization, and the Birth of a New Network, by Shane Greenstein. Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 2015

Book Review: Transforming Institutions: Undergraduate STEM Education for the 21st Century, Edited by Gabriela C. Weaver, Wilella D. Burgess, Amy L. Childress, and Linda Slakey. West Lafayette, Indiana: Purdue University Press, 2015

Book Review: Betting the Farm on a Drought: Stories from the Front Lines of Climate Change, by Seamus McGraw. Austin, Texas: University of Texas Press, 2015

Book Review: The Road Taken: The History and Future of America’s Infrastructure, by Henry Petroski. New York City: Bloomsbury USA, 2016

Is Geo Commoditization Eating Your Lunch?

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