As I See It: Risk-Based Design Standards

Look Who’s a D.GE: Paul J. Axtell, PE, D.GE

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Rapid Drawdown

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Civil Engineering’s Champions
ASCE pays tribute to outstanding civil engineers and to the projects they design and construct....

Committee Passes Bills Granting Regulatory Flexibility, Assistance for Wastewater Operations
A key Senate committee approves bills to facilitate integrated planning under the Clean Water Act and to establish a program of technical assistance for small and medium-sized providers of wastewater treatment....

Seven Questions: Wisdom and Guidance for Successful Career Building: An interview with Linda A. Hill, Ph.D., a professor of business administration at the Harvard Business School, on “managing up”

Unique Renewable Energy Project in Germany Combines Wind Turbines with Hydropower

Boring of New York City’s Delaware Aqueduct Bypass Tunnel to Begin This Summer

New Tower Will Alter Milwaukee’s Skyline, Improve Access to Lakefront Attractions

“Clean” Train to Begin Trials

NOAA Projects Rising Sea Levels along U.S. Coasts

State, Federal Funding Offer Way Forward for Flint, Michigan, to Replace Lead Service Lines

Raiders Bet on Las Vegas Stadium

Model Aims to Help Utilities Gauge Public Attitudes toward Water Reuse

On-Site Virtual Mapping Could Aid Inspections
Researchers are creating a system in which virtual reality headsets draw on four-dimensional models to monitor construction progress....





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