Colorado Reservoir Project Will Feature Two Dams with Asphalt Cores

Landfill Transformed into ‘Peace Park’

Civil Engineers Asked to Contribute to Satellite Mission to Map Earth’s Surface Water

‘Metamaterial’ Enables Structures to Reflect Solar Energy and Radiate Heat
Researchers have developed a “metamaterial” film of glass and polymer that is both economical to produce and capable of keeping the surface beneath it 10 to 16 degrees centigrade cooler than without the...

Drone Successfully Used in Airport Construction Imaging
Commercial drones have been used for construction imaging at a busy international airport....

A Question of Ethics: Code Offers Leeway for Advertising Claims
When advertising their services engineers must not use language that misleads potential clients....

A Watershed Moment: The Middlesex Canal
An early New England canal inspired the Erie Canal, fostered industrial development in this country, and was built by men who were not trained as engineers....

The History of the London Water Industry 1580–1820, By Leslie Tomory. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2017

Blue Dunes: Climate Change by Design, Edited by Jesse M. Keenan and Claire Weisz. New York City: Columbia University Press, 2017.

Engineering Ethics: Real World Case Studies, By Steven K. Starrett, Amy L. Lara, and Carlos Bertha. Reston, Virginia: ASCE Press, 2017

Dealing with Meetings You Can’t Stand: Meet Less and Do More, By Rick Brinkman. New York City: McGraw-Hill Education, 2017

Contractor That Overreaches Is Terminated for Default
A contractor that refused to begin work on a contract because of what it viewed as a faulty design was terminated for default, and an appellate court refused to reverse the decision....

Praise for the Panama Canal

Support for the Professional Engineer License

Assessing Infrastructure's True Costs Is a Matter of Ethics

Why Railroads Fare Best

Bridge Project Should Make Engineers Proud

Ellis, not Strauss, Taught at Purdue

Refining Your User Experience
New online tools will help engineers in their work and make it easier for them to engage with ASCE....

Maryland’s Highest Court Upholds Economic Loss Rule
The economic loss rule figured prominently in a recent Maryland case in which the court sided with the engineer....





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