Replacing an Icon
Since 1852, the Portage Viaduct has carried a rail line across the Genesee River Gorge, near the town of Portageville, New York. First made of timber, then replaced with a wrought iron structure after...

Timber Trouble?

Supertall Timber
At 350 m tall, this supertower would be three times the height of the California Redwoods and boast a structural system that is 90 percent wood....

Towering Views
A proposed observation tower for New York City’s Central Park would comprise the world’s tallest temporary wooden structure and include a wind-powered system to filter water from the reservoir it would...

Largest Mass Timber Building in U.S. Takes Shape in Minneapolis

Fire in the Hole: Emergency Repairs to the Robinson Creek Tunnel
On the eve of April 26, 2014, an arsonist set fire to the CSX Transportation (CSXT) Robinson Creek tunnel. The tunnel is located about 120 mi. southeast of Lexington, near Pikeville, KY. The 742-ft-long...

Lessons Learned from GeoLegends: Richard D. Woods, PhD, PE, D.GE, NAE, Dist.M.ASCE

Look Who's A D.GE: Chris Woods, PE, D.GE, M.ASCE

Timber Arch Restoration Preserves New York College's Gymnasium

Mushrooming Timber Structure Stands Out amid Spanish City's Traditional Architecture

Norwegian Team Designs World's Tallest Timber Building

NewsBriefs: Firm Suggests Putting NYC's Stalled Construction Sites on 'Ice' (NBC New York & Woods Bagot)

Timber Diagrid Roof Crowns Extension To Art Gallery and Museum in Coventry

Rebuilding the Route Interchange: Ground Improvement on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Project
Error should be: Rebuilding the Route 1 Interchange: Ground Improvement on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Project...

Woodrow Wilson Bridge Project is Named 2008 OCEA Winner; OPAL Lifetime Achievement Recipients Honored; Pankow, Michel Awards Presented

Commentary: Woody Vegetation and Levee Stability

Current Programs in American Post-Secondary Wood Design Education
Wood engineering has been a requirement in civil/structural engineering education curricula forcenturies. In 1990, a comprehensive survey was conducted of wood engineering educationprograms...

NewsBriefs: Museum Unearths Wooden Railroad Trestle

Post and Pad
As the name implies, this type of foundation consists of a concrete or wood pad placed on or buried in the ground. It is the lowest priced option for buildings on frozen silt, which may...

Structural Condition Assessment
In Structural Condition Assessment, editor-in-chief Robert Ratay gathers together the leading people in the field to produce the first unified resource on all aspects of structural condition...





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