Amusement Industry Geotechnics: The Ups and Downs of Roller Coasters, Ferris Wheels, and Zip Lines

by Mark W. Glynn, P.E., (F.ASCE), Founder and president of the Glynn Group, headquartered in Lockport, N.Y,,
, D.GE

Serial Information: Geo-Strata —Geo Institute of ASCE, 2021, Vol. 25, Issue 5, Pg. 24-31

Document Type: Feature article

Abstract: Wooden coasters have existed for over a century, steel coasters about the same. For as long as coasters have been around, so have coaster enthusiasts, some of whom purport the concept of negative g’s. But those of you who hold the same opinion should go back and take a refresher course in statics and dynamics. By simple logic, there’s no such thing as negative gravity because a person or an object cannot weigh less than zero. The confused coaster enthusiast mistakes weightlessness or "airtime" for negative g’s.

Subject Headings: Light rail transit | Industries | Geotechnical engineering | Wood and wood products | Steel


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