Out of the Way
The 0.9 mi (1.4 km) long Fort Washington Way was built in 1961 as a distributor for local downtown traffic. It quickly became a critical section of the region's Interstate...

Ancient Concept, Modern Context
For several centuries, Bibliotheca Alexandrina was the cultural center of the Western world. It was built by the heirs of Alexander the Great some 2,400 years ago and burned, some say...

A 2D Approach to the Evaluation of the 3D Effects of Landslide Stabilization Using Piles

Micropiles in Karst: A Case History of Difficulties and Success

Lateral Loading & Seismic Response of CIDH Pile Supported Bridge Structures

Use of Piles and Deep Well Pumping in Slide Stabilization

Full-Scale Testing of Developed Hybrid Foundation

Micropiles on a Mountainside

Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Small Diameter Steel Pipe Piles

Evaluation of Axial Compression Behavior of Micropiles

Assessment of SIMBAT? Dynamic Pile Tests

Use of Engineering Geophysics to Investigate a Site for a Bridge Foundation

Laterally Loaded Pile Group Effects and P-Y Multipliers

Mini-Pile Case Histories and a Tensile Load Test on an Instrumented Mini-Pile

Geotechnical: Study Shows Piles Less a Threat to Aquifers Then Previously Thought

Extended Life Span
The Harlem River Lift Span�part of New York City's Triborough Bridge System�was the largest vertical span in the country at the time of its construction in 1936. The lift...

Native American Imprint
Following a design phase of more than four years, construction has finally begun on the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of the American Indian, which will occupy...

Big Screen Debut
The Glenn-Colusa Irrigation District (GCID) encompasses nearly 150,000 acres (60,700 ha) of prime agricultural land in California's Sacramento Valley, generally considered...

Corebits: Clyde Baker to Present the 2000 Ralph Peck Lecture at Amherst; GeoDever 2000 Builds on Exciting New Opportunities in Geotechnical Engineering; Wallace Hayward Baker Award; Augered Cast-in-Place Pile Seminar; Central Pennsylvania Section of ASCE 18th Geotechnical Seminar Geotechnical Trends in the Next Millennium

Deep Foundations In the Future (Available in Geo-Environmental Special Issue only)
The design and construction of deep foundations has gone from an art form to a scientifically based engineering practice. Research in this field has improved over the past century and...





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