Canal Multiple Use in Metropolitan Phoenix Area

Fuzzy Decision Analysis for Power Recreation, and Environmental Objectives on the Green River, CO and UT

Recreation and Jobs in the Glen Canyon Dam Region

Managing the TVA Reservoir System for Recreation Benefits

Recreation Monitoring

Hydroelectric Project Recreation Partners in River Access Program

Recreation Planning for Tallulah Gorge

Hydropower Generation and Whitewater Recreation: Finding the Common Ground

Techniques for Quantifying Instream Flows for Recreation

Hazard Rating for Low Drops

Design Considerations for Joint-Use Detention Basins

Combinatary Net-Shell Roofs of Elliptic Paraboloid of Zhaoqing Gymnasium
Zhaoqing Gymnasium is a multi-functional sports building, whose structural modelling takes Zhaoqing City Flower(Lotus) as the main theme; adopts a combinatory ellipic paraboloid net-shell...

Development of Hydro-Scheduling Model for Optimal Joint Operation of Multi-Reservoir Systems
Multipurpose reservoirs in a reservoir system are not limited to supplying ample amounts of water and electricity, but also provide other water demands such as flood control, navigation,...

Missouri River Recreation Economic Analysis
The Missouri River main stem lakes and downstream river reaches encompass about 1900 river miles from the mouth at St. Louis, Missouri, to the headwaters of Fort Peck Lake in Montana....

1993 Recreational Vehicle (RV) Park Census in Beatty and Pahrump, Nevada

Balancing Recreational, Economic Development and Environmental Protection Goals for New Recreational Boating Facilities in the State of Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Boating Needs Assessments (BNA) for Evaluating Boat Ramp and Facilities Needs

The Evolving Role of Marinas as Public Marine Parks and Water Recreation Areas in Southern California 1960-1994

A Predictive Model of Sewage Pumpout Station Use Among Chesapeake Bay Boaters

Master Planning -- Fact or Fiction





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