Embankments, Dams, and Slopes (EDS) Committee

From Good to Great: The Evolution of Cutoff Wall Quality Control and Verification Techniques
The last three decades have brought tremendous improvements to quality control (QC) procedures for construction and post-construction verification of deep cutoff walls installed in active high-hazard dams....

Lament of an Ancient Embankment Dam

Nebraska Dam Failure Highlights Dangers of Ice Runs, Report Says

Michigan Dam Failures Prompt Investigations, Lawsuits, and Safety Concerns

Colorado Diversion Dam Upgrade Benefits Cities, Whitewater Recreation, Fish Passage

Correction to "Highway Embankment Failure on Soft Clay � Bad Input = Bad Output"

Gannett Fleming Dam Project Recognized

Embankment, Dams, and Slopes (EDS) Technical Committee Performs Reconnaissance on Dam Failures

Embankments, Dams, and Slopes (EDS) Committee

News from the Embankment, Dams, and Slopes (EDS) Committee

Welcome to GEOSLOPE and GeoStructures, Inc.; Bechtel Reorganizes Geotechnical Group; GeoStabilization Restores a Roadway; Hayward Baker, Moretrench to Combine; Nicholson Undertakes Dam Project; S&ME Announces New Leadership

Multiple Factors Led to Spillway Problems at Oroville Dam, Report Says

Dams in Distress

Study Evaluates Dam-Removal Trends in the United States

Colorado Reservoir Project Will Feature Two Dams with Asphalt Cores

Conowingo Dam, By John R. Paulson with Erin E. Paulson. Charleston, South Carolina: Arcadia Publishing, 2017

Ohio River Project Adds Hydropower to Army Corps Dam

Stormwater Measures Designed to Safeguard California Tailings Dam

Klamath River Dams to Undergo Decommissioning, Removal By End Of 2020





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