Utilizing Today's Technology to Improve the Procedure Development Process

CDF - A New Bedding System for Clay Pipe

Equipment Resource Management into the 21st Century
This proceedings, Equipment Resource Management contains technical papers, reports, and discussions presented at the Specialty Conference on...

A Case for Partnering to Maximize Waterpower Development

Contraction Scour at a Bridge over Wolf Creek, Iowa

Contraction Scour at Bridges: Clear-Water Conditions with Armoring

Construction with Large Stone
Technical Engineering and Design Guides, as adapted from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, No. 13 This manual provides guidance on effective and economical...

The 3 Levels of Partnering

Introduction of High Speed Railway in Korea and Opportunities of International Cooperation

Changes and Reforms of Bidding and Contracting Systems in Japanese Public Projects

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) for Construction: Mediation as a Means of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Firm's Capacity Choice Model in Competitive Bidding Environment

A Construction Crew Evaluation Model to Improve Productivity

Construction As A Means of Inner City Poverty Alleviation

Allocation of Risk in Design/Build Projects -- The EJCDC Approach

Organizational Strategy for Implementing Design-Build Delivery Systems

Workers' Compensation Management in Construction

Mix Testing and Analysis Systems Resulting from SHRP Contract A-003A

Contract Administration Techniques for Quality Enhancement-Study Tour

How Owners Can Identify and Employ Safe Contractors





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