“Touch Screens” for Roadways: Colorado Tests Smart Pavement
A smart pavement system will be installed in Colorado that can track movement atop it, detecting, for example, when a vehicle does not successfully navigate a dangerous, remote mountain corridor....

Fifty Years of Preservation: Historic American Engineering Record
On its 50th anniversary, the Historic American Engineering Record celebrates its chronicling of America’s industrial heritage while facing an uncertain future....

Fraudulent Authorial Credit Is Growing, Troubling Issue
The ethical implications of buying and selling authorship credit of journal papers is examined in this hypothetical scenario....

Spin, Spin, Spin
A scalable, vertical axis windmill tower with dynamic shutters that decrease wind loading on the structure has won an energy efficiency design contest....

Urban Areas Show Progress in Reducing Nutrient Loads to U.S. Coastal Waters, Study Says

Trains, Buses, People: An Opinionated Atlas of U.S. Transit, by Christof Spieler. Washington, D.C.: Island Press, 2018

Making Up Your Own Mind: Thinking Effectively Through Creative Puzzle-Solving, by Edward B. Burger. Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 2019

Pass Along Your Passions

Engineers Versus Technology

ASCE 2018 Publications Catalog

ASCE Official Register 2018
The OFFICIAL REGISTER is published annually to provide ready access to governing documents, statistics, and general information about ASCE for leadership, members, and staff. It includes the ASCE constitution,...

For Tall, Slender Structures, Wind Matters

Driverless Cars May Have Another Benefit

Drones Can Improve Bridge Inspections


Sustainability Forms the Foundation of Future Development
Civil engineers must be willing to learn and adapt, be innovative, and work together to meet the engineering needs of a sustainable future....

Senate Subcommittee Examines Risks to Superfund Sites from Natural Disasters
In the aftermath of recent natural disasters, a Senate subcommittee examines how to improve the protection of Superfund sites against such events....

Next Step: Observe, Teach, and Keep Learning
Norman Quach, P.E., S.E., is a senior bridge engineer at T.Y. Lin International in San Francisco. His advice to younger engineers is to never stop learning....

Higher Learning: A Sustainable Study-Abroad Capstone
At Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, civil engineering students participate in a sustainable study-abroad capstone that emphasizes teamwork and innovation....

Waterfront Building Pays Homage to Claude Monet





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