So You Want to Be a Columbo? Some Necessary Qualities of the Effective Geo-Detective

Sarah Andrews, R.G., Geologist, Mystery Writer, Teacher, Adventurer and EM Hansen, Forensic Geologist

Professionalism in Practice: Service as an Expert Witness

In My Opinion ... Enough, More Than Enough!

Preservation In a Setting of Change

A Road to Ruins

Tunneling in the Park

Geologic Hazards on National Forests

Biogrout and Biosealing — Pore-Space Engineering with Bacteria

It's a Bug's Life — Enhanced In-Situ Bioremediation of Chlorinated Solvents in Groundwater

Beans Help Build Deep Drainage Trenches

The Arrogance of Straight Lines

Tends Affecting the Geo-Community: What Does the Future Hold?

Geotechnical Engineering Education: The Present and the Future

Tools for the Future: Sourcing Engineering Services to Developing Countries

Specialty Certification ... Is it Right for the G-I?

Buried Treasure
A stream that for centuries had been an important part of Korea's capital but lost the battle to urbanization is to get a new lease on life....

Toronto Takes Off
Travelers using Toronto's Pearson International Airport will soon be passing through a new, state-of-the-art terminal, the centerpiece of a 10-year airport redevelopment project....

Rescue Mission
Designers in France applied modern engineering techniques in a way that made it possible to preserve the appearance of a beloved bridge....

Reaching for the Sky
Tapei 101—soon to open its doors as the world's tallest building—will resist devastating typhoons, earthquakes, and sway with an ingenious system of outrigger trusses, supercolumns,...





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