Subirrigation: Water Table Management

On-Farm Irrigation Committee of the Environmental and Water Resources Institute of ASCE

Part of: Selection of Irrigation Methods for Agriculture


Water table management (subirrigation) is accomplished by controlling the water table, usually through a subsurface drainage system. The crop is subirrigated with water being furnished directly to the root system by capillary action from the saturated portion of the soil profile referred to as the water table or perched water table, or by wetting the soil by quickly raising and lowering the water table. The applicability is normally in humid areas where drainage of the soil profile for adequate root development is necessary or beneficial for crop production or when drainage is economically beneficial from a trafficability standpoint for crop production or harvesting. This chapter examines water table management.

Subject Headings: Water table | Water management | Saturated soils | Irrigation | Crops | Vegetation | Subsurface drainage


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