Preparing the Request for Proposals

Committee on Specifications of the Construction Institute of ASCE

Part of: Preparing Requests for Proposals and Specifications for Design-Build Projects


Discussions with experienced DB contractors indicate that one of the most important aspects (if not the most important aspect) of a successful DB project is proper planning prior to issuing the RFP. In order to receive the maximum benefit of using DB project delivery, the RFP must contain the information necessary for the DB proposing entity to prepare a proposal that addresses the needs of the owner without the need for significant owner involvement during the project. The more work the owner puts into planning prior to issuing the RFP, the more complete the RFP will be. The more complete the RFP information is, the better prepared the DB contractor will be to meet the owner's expectations. This chapter discusses preparing the request for proposals.

Subject Headings: Owners | Project management | Contracts and subcontracts | Project delivery


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