Grouting Methods

by Raymond W. Henn,

Part of: Practical Guide to Grouting of Underground Structures


This chapter discusses common grouting methods used in underground applications in both soil and rock. Jet, compaction, permeation, and hydrofracture grouting methods are frequently used in soft-ground excavations, whereas hard-rock excavations regularly require consolidation grouting methods. Contact grouting is common in both soft-ground and rock excavation when a lining such as concrete or steel is installed over the excavated material. Curtain and embedment grouting are less routine and are used primarily in conjunction with the construction of hydraulic structures such as hydroelectric developments and water conveyance systems. Prestress grouting is a specialized application used primarily in high-pressure water conveyance shaft and tunnel construction.

Subject Headings: Grouting | Excavation | Rocks | Soft soils | Hydraulic structures | Construction management | Water tunnels


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