Intergalactic Soil Nails: Excavation Support for the Deep Space Auditorium
A software company based outside Madison, Wis., had a need for an auditorium as part of its campus expansion in 2011. The 829,000-sq-ft, 11,400-seat "Deep Space" auditorium was to be built underground,...

Beyond the Water’s Edge: Geotechnics in the Wet
Gaining insight into the subsurface and developing an understanding of what’s hidden below ground is a key to the design and construction process. Geotechnical engineers and geologists often develop their...

Failure of a Large Circular Excavation
A circular excavation, 117 feet (36 m) in diameter by 90 feet (27 m) deep, was designed by an experienced engineering firm and construction was performed by an experienced contractor....

Support of Excavation Challenges and Solutions at a Manhattan Excavation Site
This article discusses the challenges and alternate solutions encountered in 2012 during support of excavation operations at a medical center project site in Manhattan, NY. The project...

Design Considerations for Wide and Deep Urban Excavations

Pre-Excavation Grouting of Contact Zone and Rock Formation

Real-Time Survey Monitoring for Support of Excavation

Excavating and Lining Very Wet and Soft Ground Tunnels

Applications for Other Excavations and Foundations
This section discusses the application of GBRs for other excavations and foundations projects, projects involving construction operations other than tunneling....

Sediment Remediation at the Unnamed Tributary to the Ottawa River
A sediment removal action was conducted in the Unnamed Tributary to the Ottawa River to address sediments containing polychlorinated biphenyls(PCBs) at concentrations up to 74,000 mg/kg....

The Excavation
As the largest, most emotionally charged deconstruction effort ever undertaken in the United States comes to a close, the World Trade Center has been reduced to what it was 35 years ago:...

Non-Destructive Excavating Around Pipelines and Challenging Conditions
Hydrovac technology provides engineers and contractors with a unique solution for non-destructive excavating around sensitive buried lines. As a non-mechanical excavating method, it is...

Emergency Warning System for Excavating at the Toe of a Dam

Single-Shell Permanent Lining: Reflections from the Structural Point of View

Analysis of Shotcrete Support under Rockburst Conditions

Shear Key Reinforced DSM to Stabilize Excavation Support Walls

A DSM Wall for Excavation Support

Design Analysis & Field Verification of Alameda Corridor Retaining Walls

Excavations in the Atlantic Piedmont

Great Excavations
By any definition, the scale of the underground caverns being excavated near Geneva at the particle physics center run by the Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire (CERN)—the European...





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