by David J. Williams, (F.ASCE),

Part of: Preparing for Project Management: A Guide for the New Architectural Engineering Project Manager in Private Practice


For the purpose of this guide, let's assume that the PM will not be an active marketing person. However, he or she will need to be involved in a number of activities that relate to marketing and project acquisition. A firm that does not allow the PM to have some part in the marketing program may lose valuable assistance. The young PM may not have all the talent necessary to assist in major marketing efforts, but he or she should assist in some manner. If possible, the firm should go after a project with the PM tentatively selected and the framework for the design in place. This does not mean the calculations must be made and/or layout and elevations be planned. It does mean, however, that some effort should be expended to plan ahead. Marketing staff should not obtain a job, then place the contract on the designer's table and run.

Subject Headings: Marketing | Frames | Contracts


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