Highlights of Project Management

by David J. Williams, (F.ASCE),

Part of: Preparing for Project Management: A Guide for the New Architectural Engineering Project Manager in Private Practice


One of the most important persons in an A/E organization is the PM. There may be one or many, but they are the lifeblood of the firm. How are PMs trained, or are they? What directions are given to them on their first assignment? Do they even know the basics? Probably not. The PM is usually given an assignment because of his or her previous acceptance of responsibility, experience in similar work, and the quest to rise in the company. Training for the framework of project management in many companies is nonexistent. A philosophy on the approach and helpful hints for project management are usually given after the fact or not at all. Young PMs can learn the process from a variety of sources, but hopefully not after an embarrassing situation has arisen. This guide is designed to assist any PM who is given an assignment without proper instruction, education, or supervision.

Subject Headings: Project management | Organizations | Training | Education | Personnel management


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