Innovative Use of a Groin Structure: Saving Cost, Shortening the Schedule, and Minimizing Impacts

by Ram M. Kasturi, P.E., (M.ASCE), Director of Engineering, Senior Geotechnical Engineer; Distinct Engineering Solutions, Inc., North Brunswick, NJ,,
Vincent A. Siefert, P.E., (M.ASCE), President, Owner; Siefert Associates, LLC, Naugatuck, CT,,

Serial Information: Geo-Strata —Geo Institute of ASCE, 2015, Vol. 19, Issue 3, Pg. 46-50,52

Document Type: Feature article


Almost any type of construction activity can pose a shock to the surrounding environment and habitat. Obviously, the extent of the impact will depend on the location of the project and the degree to which the nearby area has been developed. Civil engineers are always thinking of creative, new ways to minimize potential impacts and develop alternative design solutions to achieve the desired goals. But when shoreline construction and/or bridges are involved, the challenge becomes more complicated, as additional regulatory requirements are often added in the hopes of saving habitats and avoiding possible contamination of wetlands.

Subject Headings: Innovation | Groins (structure) | Coastal protection structures | Benefit cost ratios | Scheduling


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