Indirect Marketing

by Scott C. Gladden, Corporate V.P.; Marketing and Business Development, AGRA Earth & Environmental Inc.,
Arnold Olitt, Deceased,

Part of: Marketing and Selling A/E and Other Engineering Services: An Essential Guide to Creating Your Own Program


The various efforts which enable you to present yourself or your firm to a large audience, either in person or by mail, are termed indirect marketing/' The tools of this type of marketing include professional cards or advertisements inserted in technical and professional journals, firm newsletters, participation in professional societies, press releases in the news media, entertainment (or social contact), various types of personal appearances to targeted audiences and technical seminars. To coordinate, prepare, and submit the indirect tools of marketing may occasionally require the use of a public relations firm. Before delving into the pros and cons of a public relations firm, the various indirect marketing tools will be discussed in more detail.

Subject Headings: Marketing | Public opinion and participation | Training | Social factors | Professional societies


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