Geotechnical Reliability � Ten Unresolved Problems

by John T. Christian, P.E., Ph.D., (Dist.M.ASCE),
Gregory B. Baecher, Ph.D., (M.ASCE),

Serial Information: Geo-Strata —Geo Institute of ASCE, 2014, Vol. 18, Issue 4, Pg. 16-20

Document Type: Feature article


Geotechnical engineering deals with a world in which assured solutions seldom apply, and in which the famed early practitioners spoke proudly of accommodating uncertainty and judgment. Yet, in those early days there was remarkably little connection between the geotechnical community and scholars working in probabilistic thinking. This article suggests 10 problems in reliability for which clarification would benefit the practice of geotechnical engineering.

Subject Headings: Geotechnical engineering | Uncertainty principles | Probability


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