Journal of Infrastructure Systems

Sue McNeil,
Samer Madnat,
American Society of Civil Engineers

American Society of Civil Engineers, Reston, VA

Abstract: The ?Journal of Infrastructure Systems? publishes cross-disciplinary papers about managing, sustaining, enhancing, and transforming civil infrastructure systems. Papers are expected to contribute new knowledge through development, application, or implementation of innovative methodologies or technologies.? Civil infrastructure systems enable thriving societies and healthy ecosystems. Civil infrastructure systems support transportation; energy production and distribution; water resources management; waste management; civic facilities in urban and rural communities; communications; sustainable resources development; and environmental protection. These physical, social, ecological, economic, and technological systems are complex and interrelated. Increasingly, inter- and multidisciplinary expertise is needed not only to design and build these systems, but to manage, sustain, enhance, and transform them as well. Typical management problems are fraught with uncertain information, multiple and conflicting objectives, and sometimes numerous and conflicting constituencies. Solutions are both complex and cross-disciplinary in nature and require the thoughtful integration of sound engineering judgment, economic flexibility, social equity, and institutional forbearance.

Subject Headings: Infrastructure | Water resources | Waste management | Social factors | Resource management | Energy infrastructure | Ecosystems


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