Channel Junction Effects in Channel Network Flow Simulation

by Gye-Woon Choi,
Keun-Heung Kim,
Sang-Jin Ahn,

Document Type: Proceeding Paper

Part of: North American Water and Environment Congress & Destructive Water


In this paper, the momentum equations, which are applicable at channel junctions, are suggested based on the conservation of momentum flux. In the equation, the lateral inflow angles are utilized. The suggested equations are mainly developed far the flow simulation in the channel network which has channel junctions. For proper application in the channel network flow simulation, the suggested momentum equations should be applied with the continuity and momentum equations between two adjacent cross sections in a channel, and the continuity equations at the channel junctions. The channel network model which utilized the suggested momentum equations, was developed with fmite difference approximation. The model was verified with Webber and Greated's experimental data. The results simulated with the experimental input data indicate that the difference of water depth between upstream and downstream at channel junctions is in the ranges of 5% to 17%. The flow simulations in the hypothetical channel network were conducted using the developed model.

Subject Headings: Channels (waterway) | Flow simulation | Channel flow | Simulation models | Verification | Equations of motion | Continuity equations

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