Development of Transport Model for Groundwater Planning and Management in Taipei Basin

by Nien-Sheng Hsu, (A.M.ASCE), Natl Taiwan Univ, Taipei, Taiwan,
Ming-Jame Horng, Natl Taiwan Univ, Taipei, Taiwan,
Chian Min Wu, (Aff.M.ASCE), Natl Taiwan Univ, Taipei, Taiwan,
William W-G. Yeh, (M.ASCE), Natl Taiwan Univ, Taipei, Taiwan,
Jan-Tai Kuo, (M.ASCE), Natl Taiwan Univ, Taipei, Taiwan,

Document Type: Proceeding Paper

Part of: Hydraulic Engineering


The objective of this paper is to develop a groundwater model for contaminant transport simulation. The transport model, in conjunction with the previously developed flow model, is used for groundwater planning and management in the Taipei basin. The groundwater basin is conceptualized as a two-layered aquifer system with an aquitard separating an upper unconfined aquifer and a lower confined aquifer. The governing equations are expressed in terms of two sets of advection-dispersion equations that take into consideration both conservative and decaying pollutants. The original partial differential equations are discretized by the Galerkin-finite-element method in the spatial domain and the Crank-Nicolson scheme in the time domain. The resulting algebraic equations are then solved by the point SOR method. The developed model has been calibrated and verified by using concentration observations of total dissolved solids (TDS) at 22 monitoring wells in the basin. The results obtained from calibration indicate acceptable matching between the observed and computed concentrations.

Subject Headings: Groundwater management | Simulation models | Finite element method | Contaminant transport | Dissolved solids | Basins | Transportation management | Taipei | Taiwan | Asia

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