Is It Possible to Colonize Mars?

by Jonathan Hurley, Eldorado High Sch, Albuquerque, United States,
Steve Garcia, Eldorado High Sch, Albuquerque, United States,

Document Type: Proceeding Paper

Part of: Engineering, Construction, and Operations in Space IV


Is it possible to colonize the planet Mars? A planet that is believed to be the most clement planet in the solar system, next to Earth. Despite the fact that it is a very clement planet, it still offers many problems for colonization. We have the problem of creating a suitable atmosphere and climate to live in and the question of mining natural resources and supplying food and water for the colonists. First, we must make a suitable atmosphere for human life. This can be done by the process of gas extraction. Then we can solve the problem of climate using reflective mirrors to direct the sun's rays. Next, we can use robotics for the mining of natural resources, and advances in genetic engineering can solve the problem of the food supply. Finally, an eight-year plan has been discovered for the method of traveling to Mars.

Subject Headings: Space life support systems | Space exploration | Planets | Space colonies | Mars | Aerospace engineering | Human and behavioral factors

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