Energy Analysis of High Temperature Lunar Manufacturing Processes

by Belinda Wong-Swanson, Los Alamos Natl Lab, Los Alamos, United States,
Rocco Fazzolari, Los Alamos Natl Lab, Los Alamos, United States,

Document Type: Proceeding Paper

Part of: Engineering, Construction, and Operations in Space IV


This paper presents an energy analysis methodology to optimize the power system requirements for high temperature manufacturing processes on the moon. Power requirement and power system's mass can have significant impact on the capital cost of a lunar manufacturing plant. The methodology combines thermodynamic availability, Pinch Technology, and radiative heat transfer principles to minimize power requirement and lift-off mass from earth. The availability analysis is used to estimate the power requirement and irreversibility of a manufacturing process. Pinch Technology is used to identify thermal streams for potential process heat integration. The radiation model is used to optimize radiator area and power system's mass. A simplified lunar oxygen manufacturing plant is used to illustrate the analysis procedure. The methodology provides a means to determine the feasibility of heat and work integration without a significant mass penalty. This would result in reduction of power requirement, power system's mass and the cost of power.

Subject Headings: Moon | Temperature effects | Optimization models | Manufacturing | Thermal analysis | Energy infrastructure | Control systems

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