A Practical Application of Concession Schemes to Space Energy Projects

by Michel Lyonnet du Moutier, EIFFAGE, Paris, France,

Document Type: Proceeding Paper

Part of: Engineering, Construction, and Operations in Space IV


It has been shown in previous papers and studies that some of the financing schemes involving a mix of private and government funds, which are used for terrestrial large infrastructures, could also be used for the financing of some large scale Space projects. The tendency towards the use of more private financing started a few decades ago for terrestrial infrastructures. This tendency will probably be extended, in the future, to projects using lunar resources (Solar Power Satellites, lunar Helium 3 mining, etc.) to generate energy from Space. As a matter of fact, there is a potential demand, and a market for energy in the 21st century. This will imply a political drive, especially as far as developing countries are concerned. The existence of a market generating cash flow over a long period and a potential political will allow the use of the so-called `concession schemes', used in projects such as the Channel Tunnel. These schemes seem to be compatible with the international treaties governing the exploitation of lunar resources. In the framework of a concession scheme, the contribution of the commercial exploitation of a nuclear Helium 3 fusion power plant to the financing of the lunar operation is analyzed.

Subject Headings: Project management | Moon | Power plants | Financing | Space colonies | Nuclear power | Solar power | Business management

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