A Shear Locking Free Three-Node Triangular Plate Bending Element for Moderately-Thick and Thin Symmetrically Cross-Ply Laminated Plates

by Humayun R. H. Kabir, R & D Engineering Mechanics, Research Corp, Troy, United States,

Document Type: Proceeding Paper

Part of: Engineering Mechanics


A shear locking free three-node triangular plate bending element based on Reissner/Mindlin theory for symmetric general cross-ply laminated plates is developed. The element has total nine degrees of freedom, and is suitable for moderately-thick and thin plate situations. An isoparametric system of shape function is incorporated in the finite element formulation. The shear locking effect that is very pronounced in a thin situation due to the isoparametric formulation is circumvented by introducing a shear correction term, and imposing a constant transverse shear strain criterion. The element thus formulated has shown a robustness in regular and cross-diagonal mesh configurations. The fact that the element can suitably be used with its four-node finite element counterpart should have a demand in the industries of finite element users. The numerical results are presented for three-layer cross-ply laminated simply supported plates. The results are compared with the available analytical solution.

Subject Headings: Plates | Laminated materials | Composite materials | Fiber reinforced composites | Transverse shear | Finite element method | Bending (structural)

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