Development of Method for Measuring Susceptibility of Steel Plate to Lamellar Tearing

Roark Flat Plates
This chapter discusses the tabulation of roark flat plates data in Microsoft Excel....

Rhythm of Beachrock Levels in Contrasting Plate Settings: Rifting Red Sea and North American-Caribbean Plates
Sequences of beachrocks have been compared from the northern Red Sea, the North American plate (north shore of Puerto Rico), and an island of the Caribbean plate. In all these areas the...

Does Congestion Management Improve Public Transit?
Traffic congestion, one of the main urban problems of Sao Paulo, is quantified thru the monitoring of the congestion queue lengths (CQL). Due to the growth of peak CQL in recent years,...

Computation of Flow Past a Cylinder Mounted on a Flat Plate

Tests of High-Strength Concrete Precast Heads in Flat Plates

Assessment of Ultimate Load Analyses of Reinforced Concrete Plates and Shells by Means of Adaptive Methods

Column Economy Considering Stiffening Requirements

Australian Connection Design Methods

Aluminum Gusset Plates in Tension

Strain Measurements on Traffic Signal Mast Arms

High Performance Steel: Material Development

Repair of White Oak Glued-Laminated Beams

High Performance Steel (HPS) Demonstration Project: The Ford City Bridge

Development of a Novel Nail Plate Connection System for Ready-to-Assemble Wood Structures

Responsibilities in the Construction Process Involving Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses

A Simplified Design Procedure for End- and Base-Plates of Traffic Support Structures

Rehabilitation of 183 cm PCCP with Steel Plate Liners

Snow Deformation Beneath a Vertically Loaded Plate: Formation of Presswure Bulb with Limited Lateral Displacement

Automated License Plate Recognition with a Neural Net Based Accelerator





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