Hydrodynamics and Mass Transfer on a Moving Drop of Water

by Bernard Caussade, CNRS, Toulouse, France,
Abdellah Saboni, CNRS, Toulouse, France,

Document Type: Proceeding Paper

Part of: Water Quality Issues at Fossil Fuel Plants


The fluid dynamics and mass transfer associated with moving water drops are examined. In the first part, numerical solution of the transient hydrodynamics around and inside a drop falling from rest, under the influence of gravity, is obtained for intermediate Reynolds numbers (Re=O (100)). The formulation entails a simultaneous solution of the Navier-Stokes equations inside and outside the drop and the particle equation. In the second part, using numerical flow fields, a convective-diffusion equation is solved numerically to determine the uptake and desorption of toxic gases (CO2/SO2) by raindrops at terminal velocity. The predicted flow field and concentration profiles within the drop exhibit (graphically) the physical phenomena involved in the mass transport.

Subject Headings: Hydrodynamics | Mass transfer | Fluid dynamics | Navier-Stokes equations | Numerical methods | Fluid flow | Mass transport | Transient response

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