Hydrodynamic Damping on Flexible Cylinders in Sheared Flow

Model Studies of the Dynamics of an LSM Moored in Waves

Book Review: Waterbody Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Modeling: An Introductory Workbook and CD-ROM on Three-Dimensional Waterbody Modeling by John Eric Edinger. Reston, Virginia: ASCE Press, 2002

Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic and Salinity Transport Modeling in Estuaries

Finite Element Analysis of Stratified Lake Hydrodynamics

Comparison of Hydrodynamic Parameters for a Floating Breakwater
The U. S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center is in the process of developing a Rapidly Installed Breakwater System (RIBS) for use in Joint Logistics Over the Shore Operations...

Effect of Heat Flux on Thermocline Formation

Three-Dimensional, Hydrostatic and Non-Hydrostatic Modeling of Seiching in a Rectangular Basin

A Large Domain Convection Diffusion Based Finite Element Transport Model

Proposed Third Crossing of Hampton Roads, James River, Virginia: Feature-Based Criteria for Evaluation of Model Study Results

Application of VIMS HEM-3D to a Macro-Tidal Environment

A Framework for Integrated Modeling of Coupled Hydrodynamic–Sedimentary–Ecological Processes

Application of a Barotropic Hydrodynamic Model to Nearshore Wave-Induced Circulation

Using GIS as an Interface for Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Modeling

The Use of GIS in Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Model Pre- and Post-Processing for Feature-Specific Applications

Development of a Long-Term Predictive Model of Water Quality in Tokyo Bay

Hydrodynamic modeling for the 1998 Lake Michigan Coastal Turbidity Plume Event

A Hydrodynamic Model Calibration Study of the Savannah River Estuary with an Examination of Factors Affecting Salinity Intrusion

A Parallel Finite Volume Scheme for Two Dimensional Hydrodynamic Flows

Integrating High Performance Computing Strategies with Existing Finite Element Hydrodynamic Codes





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