Physical Hydraulic Modeling for Construction of New York State Dam Hydroelectric Project

by R. A. Tolman, Acres Int Corp, Amherst, United States,
J. A. Argauer, Jr., Acres Int Corp, Amherst, United States,
D. F. Caputo, Acres Int Corp, Amherst, United States,

Document Type: Proceeding Paper

Part of: Waterpower '91: A New View of Hydro Resources


The New York State Dam is located on the Mohawk River near its confluence with the Hudson River. Downstream from the dam, the river flow is divided into four main channels as the water passes around several islands prior to reaching the Hudson River. A physical hydraulic model was constructed and tested to determine the power-house location, excavation, and cofferdam locations so that distribution downstream would remain substantially the same as the pre-existing flow conditions. The pre-existing flow conditions were defined as the natural pre-construction flow distribution in the channels downstream of the dam with an existing breach in the dam repaired. The proper distribution of flow was required by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) License to preserve the aesthetics, water quality, natural fishery and water use downstream of the dam. This paper describes the testing of a physical hydraulic model performed to plan the sequence and arrangement of temporary structures used during the construction of the project. Monitoring of the flow distribution during construction and final configuration of the project are also discussed.

Subject Headings: Rivers and streams | Hydraulic models | Water quality | Physical models | Hydrologic models | Infrastructure construction | Dams | Hydro power | New York | United States | Hudson River

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