The Safeguard of the Coastal Environment: A Possibility of a Preventive Action Against the Erosive Phenomena

by O. Casali, TE.MA. S.n.c. Piazza S. Rocco, Italy,
G. F. Castelli, TE.MA. S.n.c. Piazza S. Rocco, Italy,
D. Fontana, TE.MA. S.n.c. Piazza S. Rocco, Italy,
F. Marabini, TE.MA. S.n.c. Piazza S. Rocco, Italy,

Document Type: Proceeding Paper

Part of: Coastal Zone '91


The goal of this study is to show how it was possible to predict the widespread erosion along the Emilia-Romagna littoral (Italy). It was possible if a systematic survey of the coastal zone was made some years ago. A large portion of the Italian coast, like everywhere in the world, is today threatened by progressive degradation, mainly manifested as beach erosion. This shore decay took place in the early 1960s, after a long period of general beach stability. Natural factors only, such as an attack by storm waves, cannot explain the sudden increase in the erosive process. This occurrence could be explained by assuming drastic human intervention. Sandy dune and pinewood areas have been dismantled to provide amenity and port areas; the sediment supply from the rivers to the sea was diminished by rash removals of riverbed material and, finally, the land subsidence caused by overdraft of ground fluids such as groundwater and gas-bearing water, in areas too close to the sea has worsened the situation.

Subject Headings: Coastal management | Safety | Coastal environment | Erosion | Seas and oceans | Land subsidence | Groundwater supply | Littoral drift | Italy | Europe

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