Excellence in the Constructed Project

by Ronald J. Bard, Const. Mgmt. Engr.; Beck/Polytech Inc., 1744 Payne Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44114 Payne Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44114,

American Society of Civil Engineers, New York, NY
978-0-87262-740-6 (ISBN-13) | 0-87262-740-3 (ISBN-10), 1989, Soft Cover, Pg. 572

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Conference information: Construction Congress I | San Francisco, California, United States | March 5-8, 1989

Document Type: Book - Proceedings


This proceedings of the specialty conference Construction Congress I addresses diverse technical subject areas in the context of the integrated construction project. The Congress enabled the participants to focus on the total project objectives while examining individual topics in detail. Some of the topics covered by this proceedings are owner involvement, automation and construction process. contracting and disputes resolution, management procedures, control techniques, and the role of resident engineers. In addition, a mock trial portraying typical problems of construction and the courtroom process is presented to acquaint the engineer with this aspect of the construction process

Subject Headings: Owners | Automation | Construction methods | Contracts | Dispute resolution


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