The Use of Interior Guide Tube in Cross Flow Turbines

by A. A. Fiuzat, Clemson Univ, United States,
B. Akerkar, Clemson Univ, United States,

Document Type: Proceeding Paper

Part of: Waterpower '89


The Cross Flow Turbine has the distinct advantage of lower initial and operating costs over other small scale turbines, but it is believed to lack somewhat in efficiency. In this study it was attempted to theoretically and physically determine the fraction of crossing flow. At the same time laboratory tests were conducted to collect and guide the crossing flow toward the second stage of the turbine in an interior guide tube. Design of the guide tube was based on studies of the flow pattern inside the runner. Two such tubes were tested. The first design proved to be restrictive, and choked before the peak turbine efficiency was achieved. The second design proved marginally effective at the peak rated turbine flow rate. However, at a smaller flow rate, the guide tube caused an efficiency of over 90 percent. Results of this work have been presented in this paper and recommendations for further study of the interior guide tube have been given.

Subject Headings: Tubes (structure) | Crossflow | Turbines | Flow rates | Hydraulic models | Flow patterns | Water flow | Head (fluid mechanics)

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