Mixing of a Turbulent Jet in Crossflow - The Advected Line Puff

Observations on Flow Around Bridge Piers

Kuparuk River Submersible Bridges and Roadways

Concentration Measurements of Buoyant Jets Using Planar Laser-Induced Fluorescence

On the Added Mass of a Turbulent Jet in Crossflow

A Vertically Discharged Buoyant Plume in a Weak Ambient Current

Numerical Model of Dilution in a Dense Bottom Jet in Cross Currents

Experimental Study on Heated Effluent Discharge in a Cross Flow

Experimental Evaluation of the Compressible Portion of a Liquid Flow Crossing a Cavitating Control Valve

Spatial and Temporal Fluctuations of Nearshore Currents Induced by Directional Random Waves

Mixing of a Bent-over Jet in Crossflow

Turbulence Structure of Plane Surface-Jet in a Current

Preliminary Sensitivity Studies of Fast-Path Flow on a Cross-Section of Yucca Mountain, Nevada

Recent Advances in Engineering Design Methodologies
The paper illustrates the mode of operation of the Engineering Design Research Center (EDRC) at Carnegie Mellon University by describing a number of EDRC projects related to structural...

An Experimental Study of Bivalve Siphonal Jets in a Turbulent Boundary Layer Crossflow
We conducted experiments in a laboratory flume to study the interaction of bivalve siphonal jets with the turbulent boundary layer which forms in the benthic region of shallow estuaries....

Bridge-Scour Analysis Using the Water-Surface Profile (WSPRO) Model
A program was developed to extract hydraulic information required for bridge-scour computations, from the Water-Surface Profile computation model (WSPRO). The program is written in compiled...

Comparison of Maximum Efficiencies in a Cross-Flow Turbine

Energy Loss at Combining Pipe Junction

Observations on Flow Around Bridge Piers

Modelling of Cross-Shore Flow and Morphology
A one-dimensional, time-dependent model is presented which describes the evolution of wave groups and associated long waves over an arbitrary profile, in a short-wave averaged sense. Model...





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