Hydraulic Fill Structures

by D. J. A. Van Zyl, (M.ASCE), Welsh Engrg., 5600 S. Quebec St., Suite 319 B, Englewwood, CO 80111,
Steven G. Vick, (M.ASCE), Consultant; Box 643, Indian Hills, CO 80454,

American Society of Civil Engineers, New York, NY
978-0-87262-672-0 (ISBN-13) | 0-87262-672-5 (ISBN-10), 1988, Soft Cover, Pg. 1076

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GSP Geotechnical Special Publication (GSP) 21
Conference information: A Specialty conference | Fort Collins, Colorado, United States | August 15-18, 1988

Document Type: Book - Proceedings


This volume contains 53 papers covering many aspects of hydraulic fill structures with special emphasis on geotechnical issues. The papers present an excellent review of historical development, as well as art and practice of hydraulic fill structures. Papers are divided into the following main topics: keynote; excavation, transport, and deposition; material properties; static and dynamic stability; soil improvement/geosynthetics; new developments, case histories, and postnote. Papers are included on historical reviews, dredging technology and dredge spoil disposal, depositional behavior, mine backfill, tailings disposal, slurry pipelines, hydraulic fill properties and behavior and static and dynamic loading conditions, densification and improvement of hydraulic fills, artificial islands, land reclamation, and case histories of successes and failures.

Subject Headings: Hydraulic fills | Hydraulic structures | Dredged materials | Case studies | Material properties | Landfills | Soil stabilization


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