Advances In Geosynthetic Solutions For Sustainable Landfill Design: Geosynthetics Really Do Last!
Even though geosynthetics are now a well-established discipline within geotechnical engineering, ingenuity continues to play a significant role in projects involving their use. This is because it’s possible...

Railroad Tunnel Clearance Improvement and Linear Replacement: What Happens with Unexpected Ground Conditions during Tunnel Construction?
To increase the capacity and efficiency of transporting waste by rail to an existing landfill, Enviro Solutions Inc., the landfill owner, and CSX Transportation (CSXT), the rail line owner, sought the...

Landfill Transformed into ‘Peace Park’

NYC Project Transforms Landfill into a Sprawling Recreational Oasis

NewsBriefs: Engineers Trace Methane Production in Landfills To Single Microbe (North Carolina State University)

Short Takes: Volunteer Helps D.C. Fifth Graders Construct Landfills in Fish Tanks

Design Considerations for Expansion of an Existing Landfill Over Extremely Compressible Soils

NewsBriefs: Reclaimed Landfill Wins Architecture Award

Mapping Aquifer Zones Based on Microbial Ecology and Geochemistry in a Landfill Leachate Plume with a Self Organizing Map
We implemented a self-organizing map to delineate aqueous geochemistry and microbial ecology in landfill leachate. In subsurface ecosystems microorganisms mitigate a myriad of chemical...

Structural Engineering: New Jersey Clubhouse 'Floats' on Reclaimed Landfill

Urban Planning: Park Flourishes in Ancient Cairo Landfill

In the Field: Award Recognizes Beneficial Use of Landfill Gas

NewsBriefs: Tap Into Landfills For Energy (New Scientist)

NewsBriefs: Standard Developed for Landfill Covers (ASTM International)

Under Cover
In capping a 190-acre hazardous landfill in metropolitan Los Angeles, engineers saved time and money by relying on a construction method seldom used in the environmental sector: design/build....

NewsBriefs: Overview Published on Alternative Landfill Covers (Interstate Technology and Regulatory Council)

Solid Waste: EPA Approves Bioreactor Landfill Test Sites

Do We Need Monitoring Wells at Double-Lined Landfills?

Waste Management: State Lifts Ban on New Landfill Construction

Solid Waste: Bioreactor Landfills Will Use Recalled Tires





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