Quality in the Constructed Project: A Guideline for Owners, Designers, and Constructors

American Society of Civil Engineers

American Society of Civil Engineers, New York, NY
978-0-87262-637-9 (ISBN-13) | 0-87262-637-7 (ISBN-10), 1988, Soft Cover, Pg. 206
Vol. 1

Manual of Practice No.: 73

Out of Print: Not available at ASCE Bookstore.

Document Type: Book - Manual of Practice


This book provides guidelines and recommendations for owners, design professionals, and constructors on how to provide quality in constructed projects. Roles, responsibilities, and limits of authority are clarified and defined for all participants in the constructed project. The importance of concepts and practices that improve quality in constructed projects are stressed. Contracts and agreements for services are reviewed. The importance of communication among all participants and teamwork are discussed. Other aspects of project management are included, such as the bidding process, selection of personnel, shop drawing reviews, peer reviews, insurance, and operations and maintenance.

Subject Headings: Project management | Architect/Engineers | Agreements and treaties | Team building | Bids | Peer review | Insurance | Owners


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