Probabilistic Methods in Structural Engineering

by Masanobu Shinozuka,
James T. P. Yao,

American Society of Civil Engineers, New York, NY
978-0-87262-286-9 (ISBN-13) | 0-87262-286-X (ISBN-10), 1981, Soft Cover, Pg. vi, 372
22 cm
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Conference information: Symposium on Probabilistic Methods in Structural Engineering | St. Louis, Missouri, United States | October 26-27, 1981

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Document Type: Book - Proceedings


Papers are presented from a symposium on the application of probabilistic methods to structural engineering. The first of four sections deals with codes and specifications which are probability based. State of the art in probability-based design codes are discussed in relation to steel and concrete structures, design loads, advance code formats, and serviceability requirements. In the second section, methods of risk analysis are reviewed for various types of structures including aircraft, dam, offshore, nuclear, and LNG terminal structures, and water supply systems. The third section deals with modern analytical methods in structural engineering including random vibration, crossing rates, partial factors, active control, and fatigue reliability. Safety and reliability of existing structures are covered in the final section. Practicing engineers present case studies and state of the art in current practice. Results of relevant research projects are also presented. The symposium was co-sponsord by the Engineering Mechanics Division and the Structural Division of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Subject Headings: Probability | Structural engineering | Structural analysis | Structural reliability | Standards and codes | Steel structures | Risk management | Water supply systems


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