Technology: 'Soft' X-rays Illuminate Concrete Chemistry

Remedial Design through Effective Electronic Associations

X-ray Diffraction Eases Runway Tests at Airport

X-ray Radiography of Fracture Flow and Matrix Imbibition

Observations of Internal Fracture in Mortar using X-Ray Microtomography

Observations of Internal Crack Growth in Mortar Using X-Ray Microtomography

Direct Observation of Deformation of Granular Materials Through X-ray Photographs

Assuring End-Game Integrity: Testbed Approach to Deployment of Detector Systems

A Quasicrystal for Denmark's Coast
The first true quasicrystal structure will have been built in the fall of 1993 at COAST (The Center for Art, Science, and Technology at the Danish Technical University). With 600 aluminum...

Characterisation of Anhydrous Cement Clinker by Backscattered Electron Imaging and Energy Dispersive X-Ray Analysis

Analysis of Sand Movement on Noto Coast by Geochemical Method
The analysis of sand samples by X - ray fluorescent spectroscopy (abbreviated by XRF) gives the ratio of the geochemical elements to construct the sand samples. This shows the geochemical...

Subsidence Properties of Holocene Sediments: S. La.
As part of a comprehensive USGS-sponsored study of processes that drive subsidence and wetland loss in south Louisiana, two continuously cored deep borings (60 m and 72 m) were acquired...

Heavy Metal Pollution of Santa Catarina Island, Brazil
On Santa Catarina Island, Brazil, mangrove ecosystems although considered by present legislation as 'Areas of Permanent Preservation', have been undergoing progressive elimination for...

Radiographic Visualization in Experimental Soil Mechanics
A summary of the principles of such methods is presented, i.e. stereophotogrammetry, infrared thermography and radiography and their respective ranges of applicability are discussed. Then,...

Alkali Activation of Class C Fly Ash

Use of X-Ray Computed Tomography in the Study of Marine Sediments
X-ray computed tomography (CT scanning) is primarily a medical imaging technique. When applied to marine sediments, it responds predominately to the spatial density distribution within...

X-Ray and Visible Light Transmission as Two-Dimensional, Full-Field Moisture-Sensing Techniques: A Preliminary Comparison

Computerized Tomographic Analysis of Fluid Flow in Fractured Tuff
The purpose of this summary is to demonstrate the usefulness of X-ray computerized tomography to observe fluid flow down a fracture and rock matrix inhibition in a sample of Bandelier...

Some Considerations for Instrumentation for a Lunar-Based Solar Observatory
Outstanding problems in solar physics, observational trends and directions of instrumental development in solar astronomy are discussed briefly. These lead to the specification of observational...

Evaluation of Expansive Clay Soils in Tucson, Arizona
Research was conducted to investigate the mineralogy, engineering properties, and regional distribution of expansive clay soils in Tucson, Arizona. Data derived from X-ray diffraction...





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