Vorticity and Eddies in the Surf Zone

Spingat, Frank

Prototype Monitoring Study of Wave Climate and Beach Profile in the Surfzone

Changes of Sand Grain Distribution in the Surf Zone

Studies on Wave, Current and Suspended Sediment Characteristics at the Surf Zone

Acoustic Sediment Flux Measurements from DUCK '94

An Energetics Approach to Sand Transport on Beaches

Dynamics of Sand Bars in Coastal Zones

Geochemical Modeling of Lead in Vadose Zone
In recent years, researchers have used multicomponent reactive transport models to study the mobility of potentially toxic heavy metals in the subsurface. In this study, such a mathematical...

A Screening Level Model for Estimation of Vadose Zone Leaching and Saturated Zone Mixing: VLEACHSM
A screening level computer model has been developed for the evaluation of pollutant migration through the vadose zone and subsequent mixing within the saturated zone. The model, called...

Hysteresis Effect of Karst Vadose Zone in Spring Kr5, Mt. Kräuterin, Austria
Hysteresis effect is considerable in Spring Kr5, involving a chain of processes of recharge-infiltration-discharge. The lag time of each process to another can be briefly summarized and...

CHEMFLO Modeling of Aquifer Bioremediation in Vadose Zone
This paper deals with bioremediation in the vadose zone with an emphasis on using numerical models as a tool to ensure that the concentration of nutrients is maintained at a required level....

Land-Use Policy Decisions Based on a Probabilistic Assessment of Landslide and Debris Flow Risks after the 1991 Oakland Hills Firestorm

Evaluating Subsurface Uncertainty Using Zonal Kriging

Optimizing Soil Vapor Extraction System Design and Operations for NAPL Remediation

The Role of Capillary Pressure Curve Selection in Modeling LNAPL Transport in the Vadose Zone

Evaluation of Groundwater Impact Due to Soil Contaminants

Centrifuge Modeling of Multiphase Flow in the Vadose Zone

Application of Turbulence Theory to a Laboratory Surf Zone

Turbulence Measurements in Low Froude Number Hydraulic Jumps





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