Application of Interactive Videodisc for Work Zone Traffic Control Training
This paper describes the development of the Interactive Videodisc Training (IVT) system and a training course on work zone traffic control. The IVT system uses a microcomputer-controlled...

Performance Assessment for Radwaste Disposal

Evaluation of a Large Municipal Drainfield

Application of Geological Information to Arizona Flood Hazard Assessment
Hydrological modeling procedures applied to regulatory flood-hazard zonation can be misapplied when assumptions concerning flood-hazardous processes are violated. Geomorphological mapping...

Vertical Transport in the Vadose Zone by Fingering
Water containing contaminants may infiltrate through the vadose zone as a series of fingers which result from a hydrodynamic instability initiated at an interface in which a fine textured...

Nitrate and Bromide Transport Through a Vadose Zone in New Jersey
Ongoing field experiments on monitoring transport of Sodium Nitrate and Potassium Bromide in the vadose zone over a shallow groundwater table in the coastal plains of New Jersey are discussed....

Dallas Urban Goods Movement Changes-The Decade After
In the 1970's, the City of Dallas undertook an urban goods movement (UGM) planning project that resulted by the end of the decade in far reaching changes in the process, particularly...

Land Use Implication of Urban Intermodal Operations
In order to efficiently handle freight in an urban/suburban environment requires a working combination of roads and facilities, both of which consume land. Land in turn is one of the most...

A 3-Year Survey of Tropical Intertidal Macrofauna

Using Existing Local Policies and Ordinances to Protect Coastal Water Quality

Water Use Planning and Zoning: A Strategy of Local and State Cooperation in Managing Public Trust Uses in North Carolina's Estuarine Waters

Longshore Currents and the Effects of Wind Stress

Coralline Resources of Lingayen Gulf, Philippines: A Proposal for Their Management

Development of an Intertidal Ramp: An Innovative Approach to Shoreline Access

Improvement of the Public Access to Urban Waterfront in Japan—Port Amenity Zone Improvement Program

Coastal Regulation on Martha's Vineyard, Mass.

Fundamentals of Effective Coastal Revetment Design

Littoral Drift Along Some Beaches in Brasil

The Corine Coastal Erosion Project: Identification of Coastal Erosion Problems and Data Base on the Littoral Environment of Eleven European Countries

Zonation Among Demersal Fishes of Southeast Asia: The Southwest Shelf of Indonesia





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