High-Resolution Measurements of Sand Suspension by Plunging Breakers in a Large Wave Channel

Image Analysis of Surf Zone Hydrodynamics

Mixing by Shear Instabilities of the Longshore Current

The Nourtec Experiment of Terschelling: Process-Oriented Monitoring of a Shoreface Nourishment (1993-1996)

The Influence of Boundary Conditions on Beach Zonation

Verification of the Shearstress Boundary Conditions in the Undertow Problem

Breaking Wave Persistence in Parametric Surf Zone Models

2DV Circulation-Pattern: Wave Decay and Undertow Modelling with Nearcir Code

A Surfzone Parameter Sensitivity Analysis on LIP11D Suspended Sediment and Return Flow Measurements

Sediment Suspension Events and Shear Instabilities in the Bottom Boundary Layer

Hydrodynamic Processes on the Lower Shoreface of the Dutch Coast

Coastal Dynamics `94
During the past decade, numerical models of coastal dynamics have provided far more information than could be validated with field and laboratory measurements. Lack of data has restricted...

Plans, Design, and Construction of a 100-Hectare Intertidal Demonstration Marsh Using Large-Scale Cutter Head Dredging Equipment in Galveston Bay, Texas

Construction of Intertidal Mudflats as a Beneficial Use of Dredged Material

Heat and Vapor Transport Beneath an Impermeable Cap
Vadose-zone moisture transport near an impermeable barrier has been under study at a field site near Albuquerque, NM since 1990. Moisture content and temperature have been monitored in...

Medium Classic Rail Traffic: How to Forecast the New High Speed Rail Traffic
This paper describes the current situation of the transport flows by modes in the international relations between Spain and the rest of Europe. Explains the geographic zoning adopted for...

Depositional Sediment on Intertidal Marshes Near Terrebonne Bay and Atchafalaya Bay, Louisiana
The net transport of inorganic sediment through tidal bayous and dispersal into adjacent marsh systems are considered important contribution to marsh accretion. Marsh habitats are dependent...

The Economics of Managing Coastal Erosion
In the race to develop prime coastal land, many structures have been built in high hazard areas which are prone to coastal erosion. In a real sense, erosion is not generally viewed to...

Measuring the Effect of Sediment Fences for Wetland Creation and Restoration in Louisiana
A sediment erosion table (SET) method has been developed to monitor changes over time in intertidal mudflat or pond elevations with an accuracy in the 1.5 mm range. The SET permitted rapid...

Oil in the Intertidal and Subtidal Sediment of the Saudi Arabian Coast One Year After the Gulf War Oil Spill
One year after the Gulf War oil spill, studies were conducted on the distribution and fate of oil in intertidal and shallow, subtidal habitats along the Saudi Arabian cost. These studies...





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