Foundation Retrofit at Savoonga A Retrospective Study

Reinforced Glued Laminated Timber
In record time, reinforced glued laminated timber (glulam) has moved from an experimental product to wide-spread commercial acceptance. Several case studies illustrate applications and...

Characterization of Pultruded FRP Wide-Flange Beams

Finite Element Analysis of Fracture Behavior of ECC Shear Beams

Flexure for Polymer Concrete Using PET Waste

Composite Applications in the Navy Waterfront Infrastructure

Banding Timber Crossties Using Composite Fabrics for Improving Their Performance

Stress-Laminated Timber Decks Using Glass FRP Tendons

Mode-I Fracture Toughness of Composite/Wood Interface Bond

New Compression Based Design Principals for Reinforced Glulams

Design Considerations for the Use of Plastic Lumber in Structural Applications

Non Linear Computation of Fiber Reinforced Micro-Concrete Structures

Size Effects in the Fracture of Fiber Reinforced Materials

Cyclic Analysis of Concrete-Filled Tubes and Design of Composite Frames

Serviceability System Factor for Design of Wood Floors

Single-Criteria Genetic Optimization for Design and Detailing of Concrete Structures

Effect of Concrete Workmanship on Strength Reliability of R/C Beams

Buckling of Laminated Composite Beams

Finite Element Modelling of Deep Rolled Wide Flange Beam Subject to Localized Edge Loading - A Case Study

Volume and Stress Heterogeneity Effects in Fiber-Reinforced Composites





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