Preservation and Enhancement of Riverine Corridors in Southeastern Wisconsin: Historic Overview and Current Practice

Comparison of Full Tailrace Netting and Hydroacoustic Monitoring for Estimating Entrainment at Two Hydroelectric Stations in Wisconsin

Recycling Portland Cement Concrete Pavement at the Contractor's Option
This paper summarizes three portland cement concrete airfield pavement recycling projects at the Outagamie County Airport in Appleton, Wisconsin. The specifications for the projects did...

Wind Lake Improvement Plan Dredging Project Wind Lake, Wisconsin
Dredging has been used historically to improve navigation, however, it usefulness as a water quality improvement tool has not been widely proclaimed. Although costly to undertake, dredging...

Creation of a Modernized Land Information System for Milwaukee County
This paper provides a case study of the creation of a parcel based land information system for a large metropolitan county. The paper describes the structure of the system and the technical...

Balancing Recreational, Economic Development and Environmental Protection Goals for New Recreational Boating Facilities in the State of Wisconsin, U.S.A.

Breakwater Design and Construction Harbor Centre Marina Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Bender Park Development Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

Harbor and Marina Improvements McKinley Marina Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee County Parks' Brown Deer Golf Course Lands P. G. A. Tour Event: A Gem of a Golf Course is Polished to a New Brilliance

Waterfront Renaissance Racine, Wisconsin

Development of the Sheboygan Waterfront Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Cryptosporidium and the Milwaukee Incident
In early 1993, Milwaukee, Wisconsin reported a sharp increase in the number of diarrhea patients and shortage of over the counter drugs for diarrhea control at local pharmacies. This increase...

Eliminating Water Column Separation and Limiting Backspin at a 12,000-Horsepower Pumping Plant
Milwaukee's Water Pollution Abatement Program includes a deep tunnel system which collects combined sewage and street runoff during storms for later treatment when capacity is available...

Impacts of the 1993 Flood on the Mississippi River in Illinois
The 1993 flood has now been recognized as one of the greatest floods on the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. Its geographical extent included portions of Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin,...

Port of Tacoma Milwaukee Waterway Nearshore Fill Design

The North East Wisconsin (NEW) Waters for Tomorrow Initiative

Urban Runoff and the Environment
This paper discusses complex water quality problems, including management of urban runoff. Mathematical modelling is used to asses runoff quantity and quality. Environmental impact...

Evolution of the Santee/Pee Dee Delta Complex, South Carolina, USA
The Santee/Pee Dee delta is located on the north-central portion of the lower coastal plain physiographic province of south carolina, USA, which is underlain by pleistocene strand plain...

Probable Maximum Precipitation Study for Michigan and Wisconsin: Procedures and Results





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