Mercedes-Benz Stadium and Its Unique Camera Aperture-style Retractable Roof: A Collaborative Approach to Myriad Foundation Support Systems
The multiuse Mercedes-Benz Stadium, home to the NFL’s Atlanta Falcons and MLS’s Atlanta United soccer teams, opened in 2017 and is used as a sports facility and major entertainment venue (Figure 1). With...

Underground Science at DUSEL: A Window into the Heavens and the Earth

Engineered Polyvinyl Chloride Flashing for Repair of Leaking Residential Windows

Security Window Design

New Philosophy Guides Design of the Building Envelope

GEO-HYMS: Lake Hydrodynamic/Mass Transport Modeling in a GIS-Based Window Environment

SAMS: Software for Simulating Streamflow Series
This paper introduces SAMS, a computer software developed for the analysis, modeling, and generation of hydrologic time series such as annual and monthly streamfiows. It is written in...

Next Generation Flood Damage Analysis Program
The Hydrologic Engineering Center has developed a next generation Flood Damage Analysis computer program for formulating and evaluating flood damage reduction plans. The program design...

WQMAP in a Windows Environment

Creating Windows Based Engineering Software Applications Using Microsoft Visual Basic

Windows Software for Settlement of Shallow Foundations on Granular Soils

Relationship Between Residential Insurance Losses and Wind Conditions in Hurricane Andrew

Improving the Performance of Architectural Glazing in Hurricanes

Wind-Induced Vibrations of Tall Buildings Using Tuned Mass Damper
A Lagrange formulation is applied to tall buildings using tuned mass damper. The resulting equations of motion are analyzed using a frequency window method. The method reduces the computational...

Advanced Construction Technology System
The Advanced Construction Technology System (ACTS) is a computer database for the classification, documentation, storage and retrieval of information about emerging construction technologies....

Equivalence Between Motions with Noise-Induced Jumps and Chaos with Smale Horseshoes
For certain sets of parameters multi-stable oscillators excited by noise can exhibit irregular jumps. We consider one-degree-of-freedom near-integrable multi-stable systems whose unperturbed...

Analyzing Fast-Food Drive-Up Window Site Impacts
Peak-period queueing at a fast-food restaurant drive-up window was observed. The study found that queueing behavior equations based on random arrivals and service times overestimated the...

Application of the Sampling Theorem to the Representation of Random Fields
A new parametric model is developed for homogeneous Gaussian random fields based on a generalization of the sampling theorem. The model depends linearly on a finite set of discrete values...

MATHCAD Upgrade Does Windows and Symbols

Windows 3.0





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